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Room Acoustics

Noise & Vibration Control

Sound System Design

Acoustical  design of spaces for criteria such as reverberation time (RT) • Acoustical isolation of spaces for criteria such as sound transmission class (STC) and Impact Insulation Class (IIC) • Open-plan office acoustics • Design of liturgical spaces with a special emphasis on the "natural acoustics" to augment the organ and the choir.


The mitigation of noise & vibration from MEP systems to meet specific background noise levels for criteria such as preferred noise criteria (PNC).

Vibration measurements for healthcare equipment such as MRI.

The design of sound systems specifically to work with the "live" acoustical environments. Sound masking system design for open-plan offices. Design of fire alarm systems to meet the requited noise levels per codes.

Environmental Noise Mitigation

Mitigation of environmental noise from highways, railroad and airports to meet the requirements by agencies such as HUD, ad various municipal ordinances. Analysis of noise from data centers to meet the community noise standards.



HUD Noise Studies

Environmental Noise Mitigation

Field tests for criteria such as FSTC & FIIC to

verify the field ratings of partitions and floor/ceiling assemblies in apartments and condominia.

Noise studies for HUD Noise Regulation              24CFR 51B to meet the outdoor and indoor noise level requirements for multi-family dwellings, hospitals and other building types.

Mitigation of environmental noise (roads, railroad, airport) sources to meet various ordinances. Solutions to mitigate the noise from data centers to meet the local noise ordinances.


Acoustics for Pipe Organs


Acoustical design to complement pipe organs.

Organ Acoustics

LEED for Schools

Acoustical design to complement pipe and electronic organs.

Acoustical design to meet the Prerequiste and Enhanced requirements.

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