Commercial Spaces

Center of Excellence at Northrup Grumman, Melbourne, Florida. 

Research facilities, offices, simulation spaces, and meeting rooms.

NASA Building 12, Houston, Texas.

Corporate offices. LEED® rating. 

NASA Helium Project, Houston, Texas.

Isolation of helium compressors. 

Cyber Innovation Center, Bossier City, Louisiana.

Isolation of “clicking noise” from the metal roof.

Ackerman McQueen Corporate Offices, Dallas, Texas.

Offices, meeting rooms, studio.

Ackerman McQueen Corporate Offices, Oklahoma City, Oklahoma. 

Offices, meeting rooms, studios.

Stryker Corporate Headquarters, Flower Mound, Texas. 

Meeting rooms, offices.

Nike Golf, Fort Worth, Texas.

Meeting rooms, offices.

Goldman Sachs Offices, Irving Texas.

Meeting rooms, offices.

SCUSA Corporate Offices, Dallas, Texas. 

Meeting rooms, offices.

Worldcom Corporate Headquarters, Alpharetta, Georgia. 

Meeting rooms, public spaces.

I2 Technologies Corporate Headquarters, Farmers Branch, Texas. 

Meeting rooms, public spaces.

DG Fast Channel, Irving, Texas.

Mitigation of traffic noise in executive offices.

Siemens Corporate Headquarters, Plano, Texas. 

Board room.

Post Properties Corporate Headquarters, Addison, Texas. 

Offices, meeting rooms.

DCCCD Headquarters, Dallas, Texas. 

Open-plan offices.

JC Penney Interim Headquarters, Dallas, Texas. 

The study of open-plan offices, and the design of a sound masking system 

A statistical study of the effects of the sound-masking system on the occupants.