Addison Circle, Addison, Texas.

Project Portfolio

Acoustical design of spaces to augment both the music and the speech using the surfaces; the design of wall and ceiling surfaces 

to obtain the required reflections. Field acoustical tests for criteria such as reverberation time (RT). Sound system design that will complement the acoustical environment.

Acoustical design to meet the requirements of the pipe organ, 

the choir, the music, the congregational singing, and the spoken words. The acoustical renovation of existing spaces. Field acoustical tests for criteria such as reverberation time (RT).

Acoustical design of building assemblies to meet the codes and the requirements for acoustical criteria such as sound transmission (STC) and Impact Insulation Class (IIC). Field acoustical tests. Environmental noise studies to meet HUD guidelines. Peer reviews. Due Diligence studies. 

K-12 and higher-ed buildings. The design of classrooms and learning areas to meet LEED® and IBC requirements. Experience on USDoDEA projects in the US and abroad. The design of music facilities, gymnasia and auditoria.

Patient rooms, nurses’ stations, public areas, MRI suites, and the lecture halls to meet LEED® requirements and the HIPPA guidelines. 

Closed-plan & open-plan offices, conference rooms, and lecture halls. Data Centers. Technology buildings

The study of the environmental noise for multi-family buildings, hospitals, and data centers to meet the local ordinances and 

HUD requirements.